Experience amazing Slovenia in a day. Or Less.

Get the most of your time in Piran/Portorose. Experience Slovenia within a small group tour.

Welcome to Piran the 2nd oldest town in Slovenia.

This amazingly beautiful town is located in the southwestern Slovenia at the Piran gulf at the northern part of Adriatic sea. It is one of three main towns in the region of Slovenian Histria.  The town has a lot of medieval architecture with the biggest impact on its architecture made by Venetian influence. Untill the beginning of the 20th century Italian language was dominant but as the demographic shifted after the 2nd world war majority of residents now speak Slovene. Italian still remains official beside Slovene.

Before the Roman era Piran was inhabited by Ilirian Histri tribes who were farmers, fishermans and hunters. But beside that they were also pirates that were disrupting Roman tradin in this area of northern Adriatic sea.

Roman empire took over the area in 178 BC and settled with rural homes. As the empire declined in the 5th century Slavs started to move to the area and till the 6th century the majority was already Slavic.

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