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Koper Shore Excursions, Day Trips & Tours

Welcome to Koper. The 5th largest Slovenia`s city with a population of approx 25.000 people.

It is located in the region of Istria at the coastline. Slovenian coastline is long only approx 25miles. Koper is located approximately 10 miles from the city of Trieste. As it is very close to Italian border both languages (Slovene and Italian) are official. Majority of residents is fluent in both. These two nations live in the best possible relationship trough centuries regardless of number of changes in political orders or religion belifs.

The most of economic income is produced by the port of Koper which is also country`s biggest company system.

In the past few years tourism also became a very important economic resource with majority of tourists arriving with cruise ships from all over the world. That is because Slovenia is getting its well deserved recognition as one of the best boutique destinations in the world.

Italian name for Koper is Capodistria which means Capo (boss) of the Istria as in the region of Istria is by far most important town in terms of culture and trading.

Koper is about 1 hr from Ljubljana. the two cities are connected with railway.

Most imoprtant sights are: Praetorian palace (15th century), Carmine Rotunda church (12th century), St. Nazarius Cathedral with its tower from 14th century and Venetic Gothic style Loggia.

Because of its geographical position Koper is the best starting point to reach most of Slovenia`s main attractions within a short time.

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If your cruise ship stays in town for more than 7 hours why not join one of our small group shore experiences to the fairytale lake Bled and have a lunch in Ljubljana.

Or see if wonderland really does exist and go explore the amazing underworld of queen of the caves the famous Postojna Cave. And after go one of the most beautifull castles the Predjama Castle and lead about Erazem Predjamski.

If you are irresistable foodie and wine lover and would like to see and taste our unique country at your own pace then just Hop On on one of our small group Food and wine panoramic shore excursions trough Slovenian Coastline and see and learn about local cousine and wine tradition.

Perhaps you love to bicycle and would like to do a part of famous Parenzana trail. We got you covered with carefully created classic trek bikes or E- bike experiences. As Slovenia is considered one of the last few undiscovered hidden gems we belive that it deserves to be experienced in the best possible way. And that is within a small grou and with passionate and experienced locals that really know how to deliver a great service.
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