We are a small team of experienced local enthusiasts from Koper in Slovenia specialized on small group tours as we belive that our amazingly beautiful country of Slovenia is best experienced within a smaller and more private way as on the big coaches.
With more than 20 years of experiences in a tourism business we really know what is needed to deliver unforgettable experience.
Every member of our small team is carefully selected and has unique approach to deliver the service. But all of us share one common thing. And that is a passion to what we do and respect to our country by being aware that it deserves to be experienced in a best possible way. And that is within a small shared or private experience which does not include only basic sightseeing with some basic facts that can be easily found on internet but rather a story which is able to touch all the senses.
And that is what makes our approach different from others. We don`s say we are better than others. But we say we are different and unique.
As we all are irresistable foodies and wine lovers it is no problem for us to add " the taste of Slovenia" to our activities.
More coming soon.......