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Welcome to Ljubljana. 

The city of Ljubljana is satuated right in the middle of Slovenia in about equal distance from Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. It is one of the smallest Europen capitals with only approx 250.000 residents. This innovative citie`s old town  is completely closed for the traffic. The meaning of the name Ljubljana would literary mean “Beloved”- “Ljubljena”. And the name is perfect because you will for sure fall in love with it.

First mentions of the town were in the 1st half of 12th century. As it was settled in the middle of a trade route between northern Adriatic and Danube region it was a historical capital of Carniola which was one of the Slovenne inhabited parts of Habsburgs monarchy. The city was under the rule of Habsburgs until the collapse of Austro- Hungarian empire in 1918.

After the 2nd world war Ljubljana became the capital of then Socialist Republic of Slovenia which was one of the republics of former Yugoslavia. 

After Slovenia declared independency in 1991 Ljubljana became the capital of now independent republic of Slovenia  as the administrative, cultural and political center of the country.

The main symbol of the city is the dragon. This symbol supposedly  has origins in a Slavic mith stating that the slaying of the dragon will release the water and make the land fertile. This is connected to the Ljubljana Marshes, area around Ljubljana that is threatening with floods at times.

More belivable thesis is that Ljubljana has adopted the dragon from Saint George the patron of Ljubljana Castle chappel that was built in the 15th century. By this lengend the dragon represents Christianity that overtook the old ancestral paganism. Either way it is strongest town`s symbol that is present on every step and makes this amazingly beautiful small city even more picturesque and fairytale like.


As Ljubljana is located at the almost geographical centre of Slovenia most of the most important sights are within 1 hour drive reach.

But before leaving Ljubljana and explore Slovenian highlights there are quite some thing to see in this beautiful old city and can be rached by walking, bike or public transportation.

Some of the main ones are:

Prešeren square, Franciscan Church of Annunciation, Ljubljana Castle (easily accesible with funnicular), Town Hall, Town Square, Robba Funtain, National gallery, Ljubljana cathedral, city market.

But once you will explore and experience this beautifull small city you can join one of our carefully selected experiences that we run from Ljubljana on daily basis.

This way you can  go to Lake Bled to see one of the most beautifull sights of our country. We like to show off with it.

You can as well join us and see that wonderland really does exist and visit with us the amazing Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle.

Or go for a swim at the Slovenian coastline by visiting Piran which is the oldest town in Slovenia.

Whatever your interests are we got you covered with carefully selected products that represent Slovenia at its best. And that is with local passionate guides and within small group (up to 8).

Drop us an email if you need any assistance in any way. 

After your visit to Slovenia you will definetelly fall in love with our country.

Warm welcome to Slovenia

Slovenia Daytrip Team

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